Definition of outgain in English:


transitive verb

[with object]
  • 1Gain more than.

    ‘some stocks still outgained the overall markets’
    • ‘Voter registration figures show Republicans continuing to outgain Democrats.’
    • ‘This is the first month we've seen Android outgain iOS in a long time.’
    • ‘Between 1836 and 1840 the Democrats outgained the Whigs by a margin of 2,344 to 1,907 in the fifteen poorest counties.’
    • ‘It posted a strong first half in North America, outgaining the market in new tires and retreads.’
    • ‘Public schools are often outperforming and outgaining these private and charter schools.’
    • ‘He outgains his nearest competitors by nearly a pound per day on grass alone.’
    • ‘We are, presumably, not interested in situations where the control group outgains the treatment group.’
    • ‘During this period, the high-quality Hereford cattle outgained the Okies by 0.5 lb. per day.’
    • ‘The younger subjects in both groups continued to outgain the older ones.’
    • ‘Pigs from the larger breeds usually outgain pigs from smaller breeds.’
    1. 1.1American Football Move the ball a greater number of yards than (another player or team, especially an opponent)
      ‘Manning helped Denver outgain Vick and the Eagles 472 yards to 450’
      • ‘The Patriots were outgained by a whopping 470 yards.’
      • ‘The Eagles pass defense outgained the Dallas pass offense.’
      • ‘Miami outgained the Jets 250 yards to 27 in the first half, and then lost.’
      • ‘The Vikings were outgained by 404 yards.’
      • ‘They have outgained their opponents by more than 200 yards this season.’
      • ‘They outgained the Patriots 386-195 for the game.’
      • ‘ The Rams outgained the 49ers by more than a two-to-one advantage.’
      • ‘The Lions led only 17-10 at halftime despite outgaining Indiana 232 yards to 97.’
      • ‘The Badgers dominated the game, outgaining the Tigers by a substantial margin.’
      • ‘How do you lose when you outgain your opponent?’



/ˌoutˈɡān/ /ˌaʊtˈɡeɪn/