Definition of outie in English:


nounplural noun outies

(also outy)
  • A convex navel.

    • ‘her belly button is clearly an outie’
    • ‘To surgically alter the navel, Dr. Nadler recommends opening the stalk which forms the "outie" to remove the hard tissue inside.’
    • ‘It's just that my belly button was born as an innie and has no business becoming an outie, at least not without my express permission.’
    • ‘An "outie" is a result of a remaining umbilical cord that maintains some of its blood supply after being cut.’
    • ‘But since I'm a sporting type, and I like your company, I will let you know that it's an innie, not an outie.’
    • ‘Some patients have a very small or an 'outie' belly button or other anatomical consideration where they really don't want their belly button altered.’
    • ‘There are three different types of patients who request the navel correction procedure, but it is that patient with an "outie" bellybutton who demands the technique for its aesthetic appeal.’
    • ‘Daisy's cord fell off - and it looks like she hasn't got an outy.’
    • ‘Umbilicoplasty turns that "outy" inwards.’
    • ‘Bellybuttons can generally be divided into innies and outies.’



/ˈoudē/ /ˈaʊdi/


1970s from out + -ie.