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  • 1A person who does not belong to a particular group.

    ‘to the outsider, glitzy fashion shows may seem an outrageous extravagance’
    • ‘Before the invention of doctrine, you can distinguish outsiders because they belong to a tribe.’
    • ‘There were the popular kids and then there was me, the outsider who didn't belong to any of the categories that made up our school.’
    • ‘We are faced by an organisation of outsiders completely free from any emotion about how this may affect our community.’
    • ‘‘I felt like an outsider in my own organisation,’ he says, but has since rectified matters.’
    • ‘Louisiana politics seems strange to outsiders, I know, but this bill will not be voted on.’
    • ‘Their view will be that of the outsider, the visitor, the tourist.’
    • ‘They were always treated as outsiders, strangers within the small communities that made up medieval towns.’
    • ‘There is a Japanese proverb that those who live in the temple see outsiders as a little strange.’
    • ‘Imprinted people live in their own world of symbols, and their behavior to an outsider would appear strange.’
    • ‘In their presence, visitors become intellectuals and outsiders looking in.’
    • ‘Certainly, each generation has its conformers, its rebels, and its outsiders.’
    • ‘Almost all of my films of the year came from abroad, or were made in America by foreigners or outsiders.’
    • ‘You may even feel like an outsider - a foreigner in your own country.’
    • ‘When his appointment was originally announced, outsiders were surprised.’
    • ‘Thus English people are apt to conceptualize themselves as individuals, while outsiders are seen as members of groups.’
    • ‘For all his renown as an economist, he was something of an outsider in the economics profession.’
    stranger, visitor, non-member, odd man out
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    1. 1.1A person who is not accepted by or who is isolated from society.
      ‘she felt that his friends despised her as an outsider’
      • ‘He presented himself as an honest and virtuous man, a spokesman for the outsiders in society.’
      • ‘It's a celebration of how strong all of us are to persist despite being occasionally seen as outsiders to society.’
      • ‘It would be very difficult for an outsider to be accepted.’
      • ‘We were looking for a word to express the feeling of being an outsider in society, like watching a movie all the time.’
      • ‘Many people accused others of being witches if they disliked them or if they were outsiders in society.’
      • ‘As a nation of the disenfranchised, freaks, and outsiders, we can identify with the yearning to fit in somewhere.’
      • ‘They too were reviled as outsiders, branded as parasites on the indigenous society.’
      • ‘I profess it sometimes is difficult to fit in a society that always considers you an outsider.’
      • ‘That made me even more of an outsider, a freak some people said.’
      • ‘People had loved her mother, but the daughter had always been considered and oddball, an outsider.’
      • ‘His most notable films deal with outsiders on the margins of society, exhibiting insight and compassion rather than easy sentiment.’
      • ‘Instead of isolating people and making them feel like outsiders, it should be an agency of inclusiveness.’
      • ‘Dylan had always been a loner and an outsider; now he was more isolated than ever.’
      • ‘These are not works of an isolate, primitive, or emotionally distraught outsider.’
      • ‘A lot of the group who often feel outsiders in their professional lives are offered a sense of being insiders for a change.’
      • ‘He has always felt somewhat of an outsider, ‘someone who does not wholly belong to where he finds himself.’’
      • ‘Born in tough, blue-collar Pittsburgh to a Polish immigrant family, he was an outsider from the start.’
      • ‘This strange childhood always made him feel like an outsider and music and art were his dual forms of escape.’
  • 2A competitor, applicant, etc. thought to have little chance of success.

    ‘he started as a rank outsider for the title’
    • ‘I'd never have picked dog number 3, a rank outsider with little chance, but I put down my money with complete confidence.’
    • ‘Despite being rated as the rank outsider in the contest, Ms Shortall said she believes a large number of members are undecided.’
    • ‘Beem was a rank outsider to take the title at the start of the week but a final round of 68 gave him a one-shot victory over a charging Tiger Woods.’
    • ‘The oldest gunslinger still in town twanged a hamstring just before this particular high noon, leaving him no more than an outsider's chance of taking part.’
    • ‘But there's still a slim chance that the outsider will win, and that will be enough to keep people watching.’
    • ‘It would be especially memorable for Ringrose, who travelled to the grand prix in Rome in 1961 as a rank outsider but came away with the title.’
    • ‘I read in yesterday's Evening Press that I am one of the rank outsiders for this race, and by the time you read this we'll know whether that status was justified.’
    • ‘After a week when racing has come under scrutiny over trainers allegedly cheating, two rank outsiders made a mockery of the conspiracy theories yesterday.’
    • ‘Scotland will journey southward as rank outsiders.’
    • ‘They'll still be rank outsiders when it comes down to the final four, but my advice to whoever they meet in the semifinals is to tread with caution.’
    • ‘We were rank outsiders the last time and we should have won.’
    • ‘When they failed to qualify for USA 94, to us they were simply regressing to their natural state as rank outsiders.’
    • ‘They are there on merit and merit alone, and they'll neither be upset nor flustered at being rated the rank outsiders.’
    • ‘At the other end of the spectrum, Newry have never reached the final of the cup and will approach this game as rank outsiders.’
    • ‘Waterford were rank outsiders, while Tipp were the hottest of favourites.’
    • ‘Senegal are not, arriving in the last eight as rank outsiders.’
    • ‘The girls were ranked as outsiders to qualify and it is only the third year they had been competing at this level.’
    • ‘Perhaps changing roles from fancied favourites to rank outsiders will not be bad in itself.’
    • ‘Suddenly alarm bells start going off when you realise that not only will you not be getting flowers but even the prospect of a card is a rank outsider.’
    • ‘For that kind of money they will need to bet on a rank outsider.’



/ˈoutˌsīdər/ /ˈaʊtˌsaɪdər/