Definition of outta in English:


(also outa)


  • Non-standard contraction of ‘out of’, used in representing informal speech.

    ‘we'd better get outta here’
    • ‘As soon as I finish the tasks immediately at hand I'm outta here.’
    • ‘Spilling your emotions out on paper can keep you on an even keel when your feelings are flying outta control.’
    • ‘For the first time in ages I slipped outta the role of too-cool teenager or too-responsible adult.’
    • ‘If the gong sounded, they were outta there (the best acts were the ones that lasted less than five seconds).’
    • ‘He just thought it looked serious and said to himself - I'm outta here.’
    • ‘Someday we'll get outta this place, into a place that is presumably better than this place.’
    • ‘Coming outta Chicago that Friday my flight was delayed, thus I arrived at LaGuardia late.’
    • ‘Sneak outta town in the dead of night and leave them there to face the music.’
    • ‘Still not fazed by her somewhat modest enthusiasm, I tried to coax a more spirited response outta her.’
    • ‘I'm not one for posting jokes usually, but I'm all outta energy and blog news, so this is it for now.’
    • ‘I washed dishes for a week, got the wrinkles outta my stomach, and hit the road again.’
    • ‘Regular folk are outta luck, since no additional screening times are offered.’
    • ‘Figure out what new and exciting interests are calling to you, and break outta the box!’
    • ‘Anyways, we grabbed my stuff outta the car and started to unpack everything.’
    • ‘I think my parents rang me tonight but my phone was outta reception and it was too late to call them back.’
    • ‘I hope you're all on the edge of your seats waiting to see if I get outta here or not.’