Definition of outwash in English:



  • Material carried away from a glacier by meltwater and deposited beyond the moraine.

    as modifier ‘outwash deposit’
    • ‘The silts were washed out of the glaciers and deposited on outwash plains, where they were deflated by wind action and carried away from the margins of the ice and subsequently redeposited.’
    • ‘What's left behind are new surfaces: kettle moraines, outwash plains, pingos, scoured barren grounds.’
    • ‘The depositional model then available was that of continental glacial deposition where tills, glaciolacustrine and outwash deposits record the climatically driven waxing and waning of ice sheets.’
    • ‘The soils of the upper Wisconsin River drainage generally developed on loamy till deposits or sandy outwash deposits.’
    • ‘Meltwater discharge and deposition of subaqueous outwash have virtually no role in sedimentation.’
    • ‘A significant part of the total glacier debris, outwash is hydrodynamically sorted into layers of material, as opposed to till, which consists of deposits laid down by the direct action of glacial ice and demonstrates no stratification.’
    • ‘Sedimentary variability and deformation within the ridge suggests that the ice was advancing into its own outwash at a time of high relative sea level.’
    • ‘The rolling outwash plain here was formed by meltwater from glacial ice fields to the north.’
    • ‘The Copper River alluvial fan is an outwash plain, that is, formed from sediments deposited by glacial meltwater.’
    • ‘Soils were formed from a sandy glacial outwash during the end of the last glacial period and are low in organic matter, nitrogen, clay, and water-holding capacity.’
    • ‘These well drained, moderately to rapidly permeable soils were formed in glacial outwash.’
    • ‘Quantitative data from this intensive study site were augmented with observational data from several similar stands on the outwash plain.’



/ˈoutˌwôSH/ /ˈaʊtˌwɔʃ/