Definition of ovarian follicle in English:

ovarian follicle


another term for Graafian follicle
‘In the first half of the menstrual cycle, ovarian follicles, containing an egg, develop, and produce increasing amounts of oestrogen.’
  • ‘Estrogens are primarily secreted by the ovarian follicles and the corpus luteum in the non-pregnant females; in pregnancy, the major source is the placenta.’
  • ‘Pathogenetically, the development of an ovarian pregnancy is a result of the retention of the ovum in the ovarian operculum and its continued entrapment within the ruptured ovarian follicle.’
  • ‘In fact, in one strain, the number of ovarian follicles actually increased with age from birth to young adulthood, despite marked atresia (degeneration).’
  • ‘In mice, PCB ingestion has been associated with a reduction in the number of ovarian follicles.’
  • ‘Tissue remodeling occurs as ovarian follicles undergo maturation or atresia.’
  • ‘Depleted levels of vitamin C may contribute to the demise of the corpus luteum, the mature ovarian follicle that ruptures to expel a potential mature ovum, or oocyte, in females.’
  • ‘Limited nitrogen consumption before hibernation constrains egg production, apparently by limiting prehibernatory development of ovarian follicles.’
  • ‘In the middle of a female mammal's reproductive cycle, a surge of luteinizing hormone floods an ovarian follicle, triggering changes that lead to the maturation and release of an egg.’


ovarian follicle

/ōˌverēən ˈfälək(ə)l/ /oʊˌvɛriən ˈfɑlək(ə)l/