Definition of over-exacting in English:



  • Making excessive demands on someone's skills or resources.

    ‘setting over-exacting standards of cleanliness’
    ‘this job was not over-exacting’
    • ‘Since the job should not involve tasks more onerous than making platitudinous speeches to visiting dignitaries, the qualifications need not be over-exacting.’
    • ‘The game of professional investment is intolerably boring and over-exacting to anyone who is entirely exempt from the gambling instinct.’
    • ‘Long-lasting effects can also be observed in some human beings engaged in hazardous or over-exacting work who seem to 'lose their nerve' after a time.’
    • ‘Such fastidiousness could have made him an impatient or over-exacting teacher, but that was not the case.’
    • ‘Never reject your patient because of lack of compliance with your over-exacting regimens.’
    carping, captious, overcritical, fault-finding, hair-splitting, cavilling, niggling, quibbling, pedantic, pettifogging, fussy, finicky, over-censorious, over-exacting, over-rigorous, over-particular, over-strict