Definition of over-under in English:



(also over/under)
  • 1US A bet on whether the outcome of an event (usually the combined score of a sports game) will be above or below a number established in advance by the bookmaker.

    ‘the over-under in hockey gives you less chance of losing’
    • ‘There is a special index in the book rating ballparks for Total Number of Runs per game - if you're a Totals (Over-Under) bettor, this would be helpful material.’
    • ‘He was more interested in crap games, the over-and-under, the horses, and selling sweaters out of the trunk of his car.’
    • ‘I stayed away from the over-and-under on the winning score, which Sherman posted as 4 1/2 - under-par, because I think that's about the right number.’
    • ‘In sports betting, there are just a few bets that are considered to be regular bets and the over/under is one of them.’
    1. 1.1The number (usually the combined score of a sports game) on which bettors place wagers in an over-under bet.
      ‘oddsmakers had set the over-under at 53, higher than any other game this week’
      • ‘what's the over-under on how many fanatics will camp out?’
      • ‘The site has set the over-under on Peyton Manning's completion percentage vs. New England at 67.5 percent.’
      • ‘I put the over-under on e-mails to you complaining about O'Brien today at an even four hundred.’
      • ‘What is the over-under on Weaver's arrival in the major leagues?’
      • ‘I don't know what the over-under was on him grabbing himself just below the belt buckle (38?).’
      • ‘Is an over-under of 60 out of the question?’
      • ‘The Over-Under is in the 47-48 range.’
      • ‘Now, if I were a slow writer, then that could present a problem, especially since I review a lot of adventures, and the over-under for adventures is in the neighborhood of eight hours.’
      • ‘What is the over-under on Weaver?’
      • ‘As Walters puts it, "The over-under on me was 39 years old, and not many guys took the over."’
  • 2

    (also over-and-under)
    US A gun having barrels arranged one above the other rather than side by side.

    ‘if shooting an over-under, have the upper barrel pointing over and the lower barrel under the bird’
    • ‘Remington's only over-and-under, the Model 332 12 gauge has been enhanced with a "dressed-up" appearance and traditional engraving.’
    • ‘It's tough to beat the Red Label over-and-under.’
    • ‘The EAA/Baikal line includes the MP-233 over-and-under, which features hammer-forged barrels, chrome-lined bores, machined receivers, walnut stocks and internal screw chokes.’
    • ‘Last year, Browning introduced the Citori 525 over-and-under.’
    • ‘Beretta's upgraded S682 Gold E competition over-and-under features a low-profile receiver in a dual-color finish, new internal barrel configuration, Optima-Bore and new Optima-Choke tubes.’
    • ‘The over-under guns tend to be at the more expensive end of the spectrum.’
    • ‘If I ever do display my gun (a very ornate over-under shotgun built for skeet and trap shooting), it's only to adults, and after I've pulled the case from the back of my closet, opened it, and broken the action to make sure its unloaded.’