Definition of over easy in English:

over easy


North American
  • (of a fried egg) turned over when the white is nearly done and fried lightly on the other side, so that the yolk remains slightly liquid.

    ‘All over America on this day, short order cooks and chefs were making eggs over easy with great success.’
    • ‘I'll have two eggs, over easy, with a side of beef sausage and three strips of bacon.’
    • ‘He was convinced the place to start was fried - over easy - and I just could not take that runny yolk.’
    • ‘Watching him tear into eggs over easy and a rasher of bacon on a steamy July morning could make a cardiologist cringe.’
    • ‘I want 2 strips of bacon and 2 over easy eggs please.’
    • ‘I'll have a short stack, four eggs over easy, hash brown, six strips of bacon, and a slice of ham.’
    • ‘Really my favorite dish is two eggs over easy with bacon and whole wheat toast.’
    • ‘They probably would have gone for a simple egg over easy.’
    • ‘In the morning, after a nice, eggs over easy breakfast, Eric packed up his stuff to get ready to leave for home, then school.’
    • ‘Steak and eggs over easy on hashbrowns is my favorite comfort food.’
    • ‘No, it is not being done today because, quite honestly, it is easier to scramble an egg than to do one over easy.’
    • ‘He drinks his coffee and flirts with the waitresses while waiting for his two fried eggs over easy and toast.’
    • ‘The girls all ordered short stacks, and Avery ordered eggs over easy, bacon and toast.’
    • ‘I serve eggs over easy, sourdough or rye, omelettes, pancakes and French toast to those that happen to find their way into our little joint.’


over easy

/ˌōvər ˈēzē/ /ˌoʊvər ˈizi/