Definition of over someone's head in English:

over someone's head


  • 1

    (also above someone's head)
    Beyond someone's ability to understand.

    ‘the discussion was over my head, I'm afraid’
    • ‘So I figure its best to humour her, maths is not my strongest point and I try to ignore anything that has to do with numbers and indeed most of it goes over my head as I do not understand.’
    • ‘It went mostly over his head when it happened but he'll start to understand this chapter.’
    • ‘While some of the legal details sailed over my head, there were interesting discussions about technology and implementation issues.’
    • ‘Despite the raunchier jokes going over my head, I laughed a great deal.’
    • ‘‘It is about entertainment, it makes a point but without flying over your head,’ she claims.’
    • ‘Don't worry if that's gone completely over your head, it probably requires knowing stuff about the A-level system to really ‘get’ it, but it was just me thinking aloud in a clearer manner than actually talking to myself.’
    • ‘Quit talking about things over your head, like politics, and go make me some pie.’
  • 2Without someone's knowledge or involvement, especially when they have a right to it.

    ‘the deal was struck over the heads of the regions concerned’
    • ‘There was this big discussion going on over my head.’
    1. 2.1With disregard for someone else's (stronger) claim.
      ‘his promotion over the heads of more senior colleagues’
      • ‘And I just said to him, Well I'm very sorry but we don't feel that you are, and that is why we went over your head, and we would still like to see Mr O'Neill, please.’