Definition of overactivity in English:



See overactive

‘Both overactivity and underactivity cause problems, and illnesses and unpleasant symptoms arise if this regulator goes wrong.’
  • ‘It is also important to explain that erratic variation between overactivity on ‘good’ days and subsequent collapse does not help long term recovery and that ‘stabilising’ activity is a prerequisite to graded increases.’
  • ‘Caused by overactivity of the bladder muscle, medication in conjunction with bladder re-training is effective in helping to restore bladder control in many people.’
  • ‘Acne is a skin condition caused by overactivity of the glands that secrete oily substances on to the skin.’
  • ‘While not specifically revealed in the searches, it is likely that any disease that results in autonomic overactivity may result in night sweats.’



/ˌōvərˌakˈtividē/ /ˌoʊvərˌækˈtɪvɪdi/