Definition of overcommit in English:


transitive verbtransitive verb overcommits, transitive verb overcommitting, transitive verb overcommitted

[with object]
  • 1Oblige (oneself or others) to do more than one is capable of, as to repay a loan one cannot afford.

    ‘multiple borrowers who may be overcommitting themselves’
    • ‘I'm already overcommitted with books I've agreed to read and blurb and introductions I've agreed to write going back some years.’
    • ‘When businesses are not sure of what's happening, they want to hold onto their cash and not overcommit on space they won't need.’
    • ‘Before you overcommit to others, take care of yourself.’
    • ‘According to North Carolina researchers, you overcommit because you expect to have more time in the future than you do in the present.’
    • ‘I think they have overcommitted the force and not provided sufficient resources.’
    1. 1.1Allocate more (resources) to a purpose than can be provided.
      • ‘they could easily overcommit their budgets’



/ˌōvərkəˈmit/ /ˌoʊvərkəˈmɪt/