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  • Excessively or unreasonably confident.

    ‘mistakes made through being overconfident’
    • ‘As stupid as they seemed - one overconfident, one not confident enough - the two mercenaries were the best men for this job.’
    • ‘There's a reason we feel confident, but I hardly feel overconfident.’
    • ‘Organizations are powerful tools, however recalcitrant, but they can also be very presumptuous and overconfident.’
    • ‘Lack of understanding makes them overconfident.’
    • ‘I figured he must've been overconfident about his power.’
    • ‘All I add is a note of caution, lest those who now mock become overconfident and leave themselves open to having the tables turned.’
    • ‘And that is what makes the investigators anxious because they think he will become overconfident and slip up.’
    • ‘He was overconfident, discourteous and condescending.’
    • ‘Scientists advocating aggressive models of warming may be right - or they may be overconfident.’
    • ‘In Morocco, while strutting along as an overconfident tourist, Wright bumped into some persistent muggers.’
    • ‘He then pulled off an upset when the overconfident incumbent barely set foot in the state during the election.’
    • ‘Like many overconfident, would-be sailors, he simply went overboard.’
    • ‘Of course, there are always people who are overconfident about these hurricanes.’
    • ‘We may be overconfident about our abilities in this regard, but there are data for our judgments.’
    • ‘The two detectives are a hard-edged tough guy and a showboating, overconfident rookie.’
    • ‘Despite Sinclair's advice I do not feel overconfident as I phone the hotel.’
    • ‘I thought it would be good for me to look at someone every day who was overconfident, who misjudged the odds and his own abilities, and who lost everything.’
    • ‘Toward the end of his term, he had become overconfident.’
    • ‘Instead, it seems to have made the players overconfident.’
    • ‘More appropriately, I had become overconfident in my abilities.’
    cocksure, smug, conceited, self-assured, self-assertive, unabashed, brash, swaggering, blustering, overbearing, overweening, presuming, presumptuous, heading for a fall, riding for a fall, foolhardy
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/ˌōvərˈkänfəd(ə)nt/ /ˌoʊvərˈkɑnfəd(ə)nt/