Definition of overdependence in English:



  • Dependence to an excessive degree.

    ‘overdependence on the tourism sector’
    • ‘We need to do the same thing with respect to America's overdependence on foreign oil.’
    • ‘In some instances " there was an overdependence on plagiarism ".’
    • ‘Political issues were certainly on his mind, including the overdependence of the American economy on military spending.’
    • ‘In any case, overdependence on the tourism sector alone is perhaps unwise.’
    • ‘In a nutshell, coal ports are exposed to the vulnerability that stems from overdependence on the fortunes of a single commodity.’
    • ‘One could criticize The Broken Hearts Club for an overdependence on humour of the self-referential variety.’
    • ‘In the long run there is also the problem of their overdependence on a single product, which may be perpetuated by the favourable banana regime.’
    • ‘Russian oil capacity is seen as a potential long-term insurance policy against overdependence on the Middle East.’
    • ‘The show sucks and its overdependence on gags is cheap and irksome.’
    • ‘Waste management is in crisis because of decades of overdependence on landfills, opposition to incineration and little interest in recycling.’
    • ‘The overdependence on the allies was one such factor.’
    • ‘Perhaps Woodward did have an overdependence on English players in the first Test, as critics suggested.’
    • ‘Its objectives include reducing Britain's overdependence on imported energy sources, particularly Russian gas, and cutting fossil fuel emissions.’
    • ‘There is an overdependence on unison writing between the alto and bass, and most of the drum lines are unimaginative and monotonous.’
    • ‘Germany is more aware of the fiscal perils it faces, but has no real solution to its overdependence on exports to support a growing pension and health burden.’
    • ‘They are concerned about our overdependence upon foreign oil and what that does to us from a security standpoint.’
    • ‘Watch for overdependence on single links.’
    • ‘Overdependence on a single operating system also raises the spectre of one really bad virus.’
    • ‘If so, you are showing signs of overdependence.’
    • ‘An economy carrying huge personal debts, with an overdependence on an inflated and faltering housing market and a highly mobile industrial base, doesn't inspire confidence.’



/ˌōvərdiˈpendəns/ /ˌoʊvərdɪˈpɛndəns/