Definition of overdub in English:


verboverdubs, overdubbing, overdubbed

[with object]
  • Record (additional sounds) on an existing recording.

    ‘he overdubbed vocals in the US’
    • ‘Later in that same decade, he began developing the concept of sound on sound recording, first painstakingly overdubbing part after part on a 78 rpm record cutting machine, and then later on magnetic tape.’
    • ‘Stella played all three parts overdubbing oboe, cor anglais and bass oboe.’
    • ‘But, a strange paradox: these eleven monks are overdubbed so as to create the effect of a much bigger choir.’
    • ‘Once it advanced to where music could be overdubbed, edited and shaped, someone was needed to supervise this process.’
    • ‘For the swooshes into the choruses, I overdubbed the gong drum with a cymbal swell played with soft mallets.’
    • ‘Directing my own video-montage, I start mentally overdubbing the soundtrack.’
    • ‘And like many recent releases from the series, the album utilizes Pollard's favorite trick of late: soliciting instrumental tracks from friends and overdubbing liberal amounts of his trademark arena-rock-in-a-can vocals.’
    • ‘I think we redid three songs, overdubbed, went to London, overdubbed backing vocals and a couple of other things, and that's the album.’
    • ‘I did the harmonium and guitar track for that record at Abbey Road studios before one of the Beatles' sessions and then overdubbed a bass part.’
    • ‘No, Iron Chef is a Japanese cooking programme overdubbed by Americans in which young upstart chefs challenge one of the four champion cookaneers - masters in Japanese, French, Italian and Chinese cuisine.’
    • ‘He also shatters the (admittedly tenuous) illusion of an authentic folk album by overdubbing his voice on this track and many others.’
    • ‘After the release there was a lot of back-biting about the fact that a lot of the bum notes were smoothed over by a production studio and that some of the solos were overdubbed.’
    • ‘With only two members of the band, obviously a lot of things have to be overdubbed, but unless you know this you would naturally assume that this was actually a large group of talented musicians showing off their wares.’
    • ‘Dara overdubbed his solos in New York while the BGTs were in Vancouver; nonetheless, he exhibits an empathetic connection to their music.’
    • ‘Despite that, Jameson said American TV executives appeared to prefer that the show be overdubbed for their market with all-English accents.’
    • ‘A particularly blatant scene was overdubbed so the actor's mouth movements do not at all match the words coming from it.’
    • ‘We also re-recorded and overdubbed a lot of the original material, such as the big Nelson Mandela finale, to beef up the audio.’
    • ‘Then he overdubbed each of the eight sections to get clean stereo pairs to use as presence, balance, and effect-sends.’
    • ‘Well, I think it was overdubbed, so I don't think we heard how she really sounded.’
    • ‘Recorded in Dakar and overdubbed in Cairo, where an oud player and a classical orchestra were added to most of the tracks, the sounds are gentle, the mood mellow, the vibe peaceful.’


  • An instance of overdubbing.

    ‘a guitar overdub’
    • ‘Aside from a couple of tracks, the funk-rock has by and large been replaced by sonic melody and harmonies that utilise synthesisers, overdubs and even Spanish guitars.’
    • ‘Guitar overdubs compete to stay in time and in tune with each other.’
    • ‘In other words, none of the original bass, drums and guitars are overdubs.’
    • ‘Otherwise, any remaining country vestiges are kept hidden beneath forty layers of shine and polish, plus of course Felder's poorly mixed lead guitar overdubs.’
    • ‘Electric piano, electric guitar, lead vocal, backing vocals, organ and a second acoustic guitar were added as overdubs.’
    • ‘It was big and dramatic, filled with huge crescendos, loud guitars, overdubs, and strings, songs that shunned the slice of life stories of fans had come to love.’
    • ‘It was recorded in the open night air, in one take and with no overdubs, using African percussion with kit drums and electric guitar.’
    • ‘There are no overdubs, no second takes on this album, and no prisoners taken in the performance.’
    • ‘He screams the lyrics, with an overdub of him singing in a lower tone, and the end result is primal, yet not too harsh on the ears.’
    • ‘Because it took eight days to record a single song, the band members realized it wasn't cost-effective to spend weeks on end in a studio obsessing over vocal overdubs or guitar parts.’
    • ‘We got the idea when listening to one of Victor's solo albums, where he used overdubs with his bass solos.’
    • ‘Beam approaches this relatively uninterestingly, with overdubs of himself singing and performing various instruments.’
    • ‘Though overdubs aren't exactly breaking news in the music world, Ruby uses them to a novel end.’
    • ‘I came home to Alberta and added some mandolin overdubs and did the mixing.’
    • ‘We tracked in three weeks, edited and fine-tuned overdubs.’
    • ‘Discordant vocal and guitar overdubs add a welcomed ugliness to the track.’
    • ‘Burnside's guitar and vocals have been sampled and mixed with a beat, some overdubs and a verse and chorus from Kid Rock.’
    • ‘Following on from that I began to shorten the overdubs to the point where the music became responsible for itself.’
    • ‘On many tunes, he appears to use overdubs to create a rich and subtle layer of textures.’
    • ‘I live on a farm outside of Franklin, and I built a small studio, attached to my house, just for overdubs.’