Definition of overeager in English:



  • Excessively eager.

    ‘don't be overeager to help’
    ‘they were encouraged by overeager lenders’
    • ‘More overeager obituaries are certain to follow.’
    • ‘They are overeager for copyright legislation and we were not big supporters of the war.’
    • ‘A player named Jesse is lamenting the work he put into his character last year, only to have been whacked out of the game inside of 10 minutes by an overeager combatant.’
    • ‘Over the past seven days the specter of terrorism has re-emerged from the grave to which it had been consigned by some overeager commentators on both sides of the Atlantic.’
    • ‘Mainly, we had to fight off the overeager guy in charge of cleaning the floor, who decided after watching us for hours on end that we would have to get up so that he could clean our turf.’
    • ‘Tony seems harmless enough, until his overeager wooing of Theresa flares into full-scale stalking.’
    • ‘An Oslo man has had his drunken driving case thrown out of court because overeager police didn't wait until he sobered up to question him.’
    • ‘She's bookish, highly-strung and overeager as the film commences.’
    • ‘But Rosen is overeager to make a point and in the process drags in much dubious information.’
    • ‘It seemed preposterously overdressed and overeager for the byways of my small hometown.’
    • ‘Walking fast can make you look hurried, overeager and even aggressive.’
    • ‘Cracked fibreglass could be the result of overeager meetings with speed bumps.’
    • ‘Alex looked mildly taken aback at my overeager response and raised his eyebrows.’
    • ‘But then, too, there are the desperate or overeager music companies, which have marketed and licensed music so that it has become ever more freely atmospheric.’
    • ‘The album would have benefited from a more varied pace, which would have kept the faces of those twittering bird-like electronics seeming cute rather than overeager.’
    • ‘I'll fight it like Erin did, so I don't seem overeager.’
    • ‘He came on strong late in the four-round bout, consistently landing counterpunches against the overeager Chinese fighter.’
    • ‘He has been chasing bad pitches and appears overeager.’
    • ‘The carriage jolted through a particularly overeager rut, knocking my still-tender back against the seat and jerking me back to the present.’
    • ‘Miner is spot-on, down to her brittle smile and overeager voice.’