Definition of overestimation in English:



  • A judgement or rough calculation that is too favourable or too high.

    ‘a gross overestimation of his personal contribution’
    mass noun ‘the formula we used resulted in overestimation of energy needs’
    • ‘You imply an overestimation of the influence of a parent's sex/gender on parenting.’
    • ‘Prevalence figures from survey responders may have caused an overestimation of the true population prevalence by a modest amount.’
    • ‘This represented a 47 % overestimation, the researchers said in an article in the British Medical Journal.’
    • ‘Reducing the rest period before measurement of blood pressure to under four minutes risks significant overestimation.’
    • ‘A problem with working with this ratio directly is that it tends to penalize overestimation more heavily than underestimation.’
    • ‘During data entry, respondent estimates of time spent on each task were compared to their indicated work hours per week to identify any overestimations of these reported times.’
    • ‘Many of the same folks who played key roles in the build-up to the current war make similar overestimations about the late Soviet Union.’
    • ‘The result can be a severe overestimation of the response to selection.’
    • ‘This leads to a systematic overestimation of components of the disorder.’
    • ‘Recent theoretical work suggests this overestimation problem may be more serious than it first appears.’