Definition of overexact in English:



  • Excessively accurate and careful about minor details.

    ‘you do not need to be overexact in calculating your submission date’
    • ‘All over-exact people are unpleasant company.’
    • ‘It can be just as misleading to be overexact, by insisting on distinctions finer than the context makes necessary, as to be careless.’
    • ‘Here the narrator creates a logical chain that is not only grammatically excessive but comically overexact.’
    • ‘Perhaps these writers were unburdened by ''overexact'' technical knowledge.’
    • ‘I am not very proud of this translation, for even in its vagueness it is overexact.’
    critical, censorious, carping, captious, cavilling, quibbling, niggling



/ˌōvəriɡˈzakt/ /ˌoʊvərɪɡˈzækt/