Definition of overexcitement in English:


Pronunciation /ˈˌōvərikˈˌsītmənt/ /ˈˌoʊvərɪkˈˌsaɪtmənt/ /ˈˌōvərekˈˌsītmənt/ /ˈˌoʊvərɛkˈˌsaɪtmənt/

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See overexcite

‘A bobcat friend of mine practically had to be hospitalised with overexcitement after logging onto Napster for the first time.’
  • ‘We were on a fuzzy cloud of overexcitement and over-indulgence.’
  • ‘Willow felt like she was going to collapse from overexcitement.’
  • ‘They were in their teens back then and capable of overexcitement.’
  • ‘The redhead tried to contain the overexcitement but knew that she failed terribly.’