Definition of overexpansion in English:


Pronunciation /ˌōvərikˈspanSHən/ /ˌoʊvərɪkˈspænʃən/


  • Rapid or uncontrolled expansion that produces undesirable effects.

    ‘the explosive overexpansion of the telecommunications industry’
    • ‘Swept up by its own successes, the country fell victim to overexpansion.’
    • ‘This explains the increased risk of injury from regional overexpansion.’
    • ‘But now the chain's fortunes have collapsed under the weight of mismanagement, overexpansion, and accounting probes.’
    • ‘An internal report produced by officials at Manchester, Britain's biggest university, casts doubt on the long-term benefits of overexpansion.’
    • ‘Even when service industries revive, the overexpansion and slow productivity growth of the last decade will still take their toll.’
    • ‘A second form of overexpansion is that of growth, by acquisition of other businesses, that is not paying off.’
    • ‘Its eagerness to expand led to overexpansion.’
    • ‘Three major problems led to Citigroup's downfall: bad investment policy; overexpansion, which overwhelmed Citigroup's management; and an inadequate capital base.’
    • ‘Overexpansion isn't a franchisee mistake, it's a bad corporate strategy.’
    • ‘Also, such companies have been chasing growth through overexpansion and high-profile acquisitions, both strategies which generally destroy rather than create shareholder value.’
    • ‘Overexpansion begins to reveal itself in selected sectors.’
    • ‘Swisswings cites high fuel prices and overexpansion into non-profitable markets as reasons for the setback.’
    • ‘These stances, combined with a lack of internal oversight, contributed to Citi's overexpansion and overexposure to risk.’
    • ‘However, overexpansion saw the firm eventually acquire huge debts.’
    • ‘It has posted four consecutive quarters of declining same-store sales, with overexpansion causing its Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy divisions to cannibalize sales.’
    • ‘Industry insiders suggest a mixture of greed, overexpansion and simple overfamiliarity has knocked the shine from certain formerly invincible megabrands.’
    • ‘This crisis may be explained by overexpansion and a lack of regulation in the world financial system or by the existence of structural weaknesses in some of the emerging economies.’
    • ‘Simply put, mini-golf is booming - undergoing a building spree that may well lead it down the same fairway to overexpansion as the 18-holes.’
    • ‘Overexpansion has its consequences, but it seems to me that the company should have been able to curb the current extreme level of fallout.’
    • ‘Overexpansion and management undoubtedly were factors in its demise.’



/ˌōvərikˈspanSHən/ /ˌoʊvərɪkˈspænʃən/