Definition of overexpose in English:


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transitive verb

[with object]
  • 1Expose too much, especially to the public eye or to risk.

    ‘anybody in the public eye has situations that make them feel overexposed’
    • ‘The dollar pessimists argue that the Asian central banks are already dangerously overexposed both to the dollar and to the U.S. bond market.’
    • ‘‘The media overexposes him, and then turns around and asks the question: ‘Is he overexposed?’’
    • ‘‘The salmon stock was so overexposed that it's still recovering today,’ said Robillard.’
    • ‘Since today's teens are the first to be so overexposed to a government-sanctioned gambling culture, experts fear that today's teenage problem gamblers will become tomorrow's adult pathological gamblers.’
    • ‘It can be a very powerful thing, but if you are overexposed it can backfire.’
    • ‘‘But even in good times there are always people living beyond their means and it would be wrong to say that some people are not overexposed,’ he said.’
    • ‘From my point of view, especially because of what I do and how I have to live my life, it is worrying that the kids are being overexposed to it.’
    • ‘This makes me unfortunately certain that Slovenia, thus far unspoilt, will soon be as popular and overexposed a destination for short break aficionados as Prague or Budapest.’
    • ‘Kelly Ripa is overexposed but in a good way, you know?’
    • ‘Are singer-songwriters overexposed in this province?’
    • ‘Todd's chapter touches on his desire to sell to a corporate investor, his desire not to be overexposed, and his dream to open a cooking school.’
    • ‘It goes without saying that songwriting and performing ability are often pushed aside to make way for a track that's overexposed.’
    • ‘Except for some rescue workers who were overexposed to fumes and dust from the wreckage, that assurance seems to have been correct.’
    • ‘It is known that those who are overexposed to acrylamides in the workplace may suffer nerve damage and impaired fertility.’
    • ‘Unfortunately it became clear as the US downturn started to bite that the company was overexposed to internet services there.’
    • ‘Like every trend, when something gets overexposed it decreases the shelf life, so in the end everything works out.’
    • ‘Like so many anniversaries recently, this one feels like it's been overexposed well before the correct date arrives.’
    • ‘Some analysts fear it might still be overexposed to the faddish and underperforming technology sector.’
    • ‘Perhaps Ross believes them to be overexposed but it may just be oversight or personal prejudice.’
    • ‘It was, they said, far too risky and was overexposed to the commercial property market.’
    1. 1.1Photography Expose (film or a part of an image) for too long a time or for extra time.
      ‘the sunlit background is overexposed’
      • ‘You can easily overexpose your film by including too many bursts on one frame, as the fireworks overlap one another.’
      • ‘One simple filter is a piece of grossly overexposed black-and-white film that has been fully processed.’
      • ‘He would sometimes overexpose the film for a distinctive look, most prominently in ‘Butch Cassidy.’’
      • ‘Sometimes Reygadas overexposes the film a bit to lend a glaring intensity to the contours of the wilderness.’
      • ‘If not, set its exposure compensation dial to overexpose the picture by about 1 or 1.5 stops.’



/ˌōvərikˈspōz/ /ˌoʊvərɪkˈspoʊz/