Definition of overextend in English:


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transitive verb

[with object]usually be overextended
  • 1Make too long.

    ‘at nine minutes plus the song is somewhat overextended’
    • ‘There should be a mark showing the safe limit for the height of the seat - go beyond that, and it could be dangerous because the seat is overextended and so not very strong.’
    • ‘Today, the state is likely to be seen as the lesser of privacy-invading evils, and even as a source of protection for our privacy, rather than as an entity that should not be allowed to overextend its reach into our private lives.’
    • ‘Hitters easily can read the ball out of his hand because his delivery lacks deception and he overextends his arm.’
    • ‘Binoche plays an actress, displaying her chops doing Shakespeare, The Collector, and - in one painfully overextended scene - the ironing.’
    • ‘Her shoulders were overextended, which could cause brachial nerve damage.’
    • ‘I did cardiovascular exercise and lots of it - elliptical trainer, stationary bike and Spinning - but did only basic weight exercises so I didn't overextend my joints.’
    • ‘When you grip down, don't overextend your arms.’
    • ‘Always take the proper precautions with ladders and safety equipment, and don't overextend your reach or place yourself in precarious positions.’
    put a strain on, put great demands on, overtax, overextend, be too much for
  • 2Impose on (someone) an excessive burden of work or commitments.

    ‘he should not overextend himself on the mortgage’
    • ‘Choose a vehicle that won't overextend you financially.’
    • ‘It is a twentieth-century classic, and besides, by the 1970s she was too overextended to complete such an assignment.’
    • ‘Without such help his situation proved impossible, for he was greatly overextended.’
    • ‘The vast majority of sports injuries and accidents happen because people overextend themselves.’
    • ‘Some people who want to help but overextend themselves might not get in trouble if there were financial assistance to properly care for and house these abandoned animals.’
    • ‘If your staff is overworked or overextended, it will inevitably show in their attitudes toward customers.’
    • ‘These federal guarantees encourage people to overextend by making borrowing cheaper than it otherwise would be.’
    • ‘It in no way relieves the strain on our overextended military personnel.’
    • ‘But it is also possible that a major economic adjustment in the US is triggered simply by the sheer financial exhaustion of America's overextended consumers.’
    • ‘I wonder what church would look like in our local communities if church was a place where an overextended and tired people could find rest and refueling.’
    • ‘We overextended our defense a little bit but I think our athleticism paid off.’
    • ‘Even less realistic is the expectation that an already overextended government could do it even if it wanted to.’
    • ‘Problems arise because drug names sound alike, prescriptions are illegible and pharmacists are overextended.’
    overtax, overwork, overburden, overextend, overreach, overtask, make too many demands on, run oneself into the ground, work oneself into the ground, exert excessively, drive too far, exert to the limit, push to the limit



/ˌōvərikˈstend/ /ˌoʊvərɪkˈstɛnd/