Definition of overglaze in English:


Pronunciation /ˌōvərˈɡlāz/ /ˌoʊvərˈɡleɪz/


  • Decoration or a second glaze applied to glazed ceramic ware.

    as modifier ‘overglaze enamel’
    • ‘The designs are put on either with an underglaze, a sort of drawing technique, or overglaze, which is more like montage.’
    • ‘Practically invisible or blatantly obvious, these so-called slipups made centuries ago survive today beneath vitrified coats of clear overglaze and provide snapshots of the innovative and ingenious decorative techniques employed.’
    • ‘In graffito pottery the design was produced by scratching though the overglaze.’
    • ‘This brilliant, almost emerald green is actually a two-part paint system that consists of a basecoat covered with a semitransparent overglaze.’


  • (of painting, printing, or other decoration) done on a glazed surface.

    ‘overglaze enamel’
    • ‘Such visible placement of overglaze writing is characteristic of more sophisticated and expensive wares, and is particularly rare in archaeological finds from the Americas.’
    • ‘Perhaps in an attempt to mimic the bright colors of enameled Chinese and English porcelain, both plain and molded white stoneware was also sometimes enriched with overglaze polychrome painting.’
    • ‘A very typical pattern for the Persian market has an overglaze cobalt blue border with many gold stars and most often a central floral bouquet accented with iron red.’