Definition of overhand in English:


adjective & adverb

  • 1North American

    another term for overarm

    ‘you can't pitch overhand’
    another term for overarm
  • 2With the palm of the hand downward or inward.

    as adjective ‘an overhand grip’
    • ‘Begin this lift by placing your hands in an overhand grip with palms facing your body.’
    • ‘Start with an overhand grip (palms away) on the bar slightly wider than shoulder width.’
    • ‘She uses an overhand grip, palms facing forward, and makes sure her shoulders, elbows and wrists are all in line.’
    • ‘Stand with your right side toward the machine and grasp the handle in your right hand with an overhand grip, palm facing in.’
    • ‘Grasp a fixed horizontal bar with a wide overhand (palms facing away) grip well outside shoulder width.’
    • ‘Grasp the handle with a single overhand grip and sit down on the seat as you normally would when doing pull-downs, your quads secured comfortably underneath the pads.’
    • ‘With a dumbbell in each hand (or grasping a barbell with an overhand grip), stand with your feet about hip-width apart.’
    • ‘Grasp the barbell with an alternating grip (one hand overhand, one hand underhand) and with your hands slightly wider than your legs.’
    • ‘I take an overhand grip on the bar - my hands are a little less than shoulder-width apart - and adopt a position in which my body is at a 70-degree angle to the floor.’
    • ‘To begin, grasp a pull-up bar with an overhand grip.’
    • ‘Take an overhand grip on a high horizontal bar with your hands placed 7-10 inches wider than your shoulders.’
    • ‘Step under the bar so it rests on your upper back and grasp it with an overhand grip (as narrow as your flexibility allows), your feet set shoulder width apart.’
    • ‘A curl grip (as opposed to an overhand grip) allows me to get my elbows farther back at the midpoint to ensure a complete stretch and contraction.’
    • ‘Take an overhand grip on the V-bar, bend your knees slightly, and lean forward at your waist 10 degrees or so.’
    • ‘Hold a barbell in both hands with an overhand grip.’
    • ‘Use an overhand, wider-than-shoulder-width grip on a pull-up bar.’
    • ‘Using an overhand grip, extend your arms to the ceiling in line with your chest.’
    • ‘Grasp the bar with an overhand (palms-down) grip just outside your legs, arms straight.’
    • ‘With an overhand grip, grasp an EZ-bar or short barbell a little closer than shoulder width.’
    • ‘If you're trying to create a V-taper, using a wide, overhand grip is the way to go.’