Definition of overhand knot in English:

overhand knot


  • A simple knot made by forming a loop and passing a free end round the standing part and through the loop.

    • ‘Make a loop with an overhand knot with one bit of tubing so that when the knot is made the tubing is in the loop.’
    • ‘On the wrong side, secure the yarn ends with an overhand knot and dab each knot with seam sealant.’
    • ‘To construct Pieranski's knot, you fold a circular loop of rope and tie two multiple overhand knots in it.’
    • ‘Finish the footbed by tying and retracing an overhand knot, closing the footbed loop.’
    • ‘Cut the cord elastic in half and make two loops by tying the cut ends together with an overhand knot.’
    • ‘If your prussic loop is too long, you can shorten it with an overhand knot.’
    • ‘Tie one end with two overhand knots, placing them on top of each other and without over tightening.’
    • ‘Tie the bobbin and needle threads together in an overhand knot above the needle eye, then carefully draw the bobbin thread up through all thread guides until the knot reaches the spool.’
    • ‘Clip the threads just above the thread cones, replace the cones with new threads, and tie the new thread to the old thread in a secure overhand knot.’
    • ‘Tie one strip of each color together in an overhand knot at the strip centers.’
    • ‘Snakes should go into a pillowcase or cloth bag tied with an overhand knot and then into another pillowcase that is also tied.’
    • ‘With one hand, bunch a portion of the top of the bag together and tie it in an overhand knot over the mower's push bar.’