Definition of overinflated in English:



  • 1(of a price or value) excessive.

    ‘overinflated land values’
    • ‘In reality, everybody knew that technology share prices were overinflated by the end of 1999, but most people also knew that there was no absolute limit to how high they could go.’
    • ‘Japan had grossly overinflated prices because of its flawed system.’
    • ‘The case for an overinflated market gets stronger if you can rent a nice house for far less than the monthly carrying cost of buying it, including mortgage and maintenance.’
    • ‘By any traditional standards, they appear to be hugely overinflated - if only because the lack of earnings makes applying traditional standards impossible.’
    • ‘In some cases, contractors and city officials disagree over definitions of what's allowable, and there is concern about possible overinflated costs.’
    • ‘For a while, says Launer, salaries were overinflated.’
    • ‘Early estimates are that those figures are somewhat overinflated.’
    excessively high, extortionate, excessive, exorbitant, sky-high, preposterous, outrageous, scandalous, out of the question, beyond one's means, more than one can afford, unreasonable, impossible, overinflated
    1. 1.1Exaggerated.
      ‘there have been so many overinflated claims and unfulfilled promises’
      • ‘Some let the overinflated earnings claims cloud their judgment.’
      • ‘They include restrictions on names which are too similar to drugs already on the market, names which imply overinflated claims for drugs, and those which might be offensive in one language or another.’
      • ‘I did not think he was sincere and I thought he had an overinflated opinion of himself.’
      • ‘Is your ego so overinflated that you would think one kiss in the dark would make me weak in the knees and swoon?’
      rhetorical, oratorical, elaborate, ornate, bold, extravagant, flowery, florid, dramatic, theatrical, lofty, high-flown, high-sounding, bombastic, magniloquent, grandiloquent, overblown, overripe, overdone, overwrought, affected, orotund, inflated, overinflated, pompous, pretentious
  • 2Filled with too much air.

    ‘an overinflated balloon’
    • ‘The highlight was the wonderfully uneven nature of the handmade pasta: one of my ravioli was overinflated like a balloon.’
    • ‘As with anterior packing, tissue necrosis can occur if a posterior pack is inserted improperly or balloons are overinflated.’
    • ‘Remember that overinflated tires can cause uneven tire wear and underinflated tires can cause increased tire temperature, leading to tire failure.’



/ˌōvərinˈflādəd/ /ˌoʊvərɪnˈfleɪdəd/