Definition of overinflation in English:


Pronunciation /-ˈflāSHən/


See overinflated

‘There are all sorts of economic factors that add to the geopolitical risk, such as rising interest rates, the weak dollar, a fall in consumer spending and overinflation of equity markets.’
  • ‘Lung overinflation may impinge on the cardiac fossa, leading to decreased venous return, and also may promote ventricular interdependence by physiologically restricting the heart.’
  • ‘And even though tires are sometimes better able to cope with overinflation when it comes to service pressure than the rims do, this fact shouldn't allow you to run overinflated.’
  • ‘They concluded that the cause is chronic overinflation, which is difficult to differentiate pathologically from early microscopic emphysema.’
  • ‘For a child, overinflation of the cuff may cause discomfort.’