Definition of overinvest in English:



[no object]
  • Invest more money or resources in a project or enterprise than is necessary.

    ‘we don't want to overinvest in automation’
    • ‘Corporations, politicians, non-profits, and even individuals who overinvest in online will see the same spectacular bounce that companies saw from TV in the fifties and sixties.’
    • ‘They encourage corporations to overinvest money in their corporation rather than return it to the shareholder.’
    • ‘I get passionate about a particular aspect of the business and overinvest my own time in it.’
    • ‘We can know ourselves well enough so that we don't overinvest and then sell in despair when the market gets kneecapped.’
    • ‘We overinvested during the boom.’
    • ‘Companies have massively overinvested in capital equipment.’
    • ‘Due to bad policy we overinvested in housing and too many units got built.’
    • ‘We want to protect them from overinvesting in the company.’
    • ‘They should refrain from overinvesting in the doubtful securities that proliferate in this country.’
    • ‘The economy adjusted to meet their demand—underinvesting in manufacturing and tradable goods and overinvesting in retail and housing.’