Definition of overpeopled in English:



  • (of a place) containing an excessively large number of people.

    ‘an increasingly overpeopled world’
    • ‘The mere knowledge of the absolute number of people in a country will never enable us to form any accurate opinion whether that country is overpeopled or not.’
    • ‘This parish, in its present position, is over-peopled.’
    • ‘It has created one of the most complex and over-peopled health bureaucracies in New Zealand's history.’
    • ‘A country in which the inhabitants cannot find employment, is decidedly over-peopled.’
    • ‘Scotland is certainly over-peopled, but not so much as it was a century or half a century ago.’
    overfull, overflowing, full to bursting, full to overflowing, crammed full, cram-full, jammed, packed like sardines, congested, choked, overloaded, overpopulated, overpeopled, overrun, crowded, thronged, swarming, teeming



/ˌōvərˈpēpəld/ /ˌoʊvərˈpipəld/