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  • Extremely strong or intense; overwhelming.

    ‘a feeling of overpowering sadness’
    • ‘The broth was a little too buttery, with some slightly overpowering raw garlic dominating the flavour.’
    • ‘Being left to guard such bounty can be an overpowering temptation.’
    • ‘The stench coming off the ship was quite overpowering.’
    • ‘The lack of an overpowering pitch will cost him.’
    • ‘An overpowering sense of disconnection is taking me over.’
    • ‘I can still recall the overpowering smell from all those leaves.’
    • ‘The plot was simple, the effect overpowering.’
    • ‘They could barely resist the call of the forbidden, and the urge was overpowering.’
    • ‘The characteristic and distinctive sights, sounds and smells were overpowering.’
    • ‘The noise of crashing wood, trucks beeping in reverse, and men shouting was overpowering.’
    • ‘The dialogue is strong and the music not overpowering.’
    • ‘The scent is strong but not overpowering and the cream sinks in fast.’
    • ‘These overpowering urges are ruining my weight-loss efforts!’
    • ‘The austerity of that moment is overpowering.’
    • ‘The guy was dynamic, overpowering.’
    • ‘Then there was the overpowering smell.’
    • ‘Since it was not overpowering, it did not bother them much.’
    • ‘It may be loud and overpowering, but at least it sounds good.’
    • ‘But the sadness was overpowering at times.’
    • ‘It was such an overpowering feeling.’



/ˌōvərˈpou(ə)riNG/ /ˌoʊvərˈpaʊ(ə)rɪŋ/