Definition of overreact in English:


Pronunciation /ˌōvə(r)rēˈakt/ /ˌoʊvə(r)riˈækt/

intransitive verb

[no object]
  • Respond more emotionally or forcibly than is justified.

    ‘they are urging people not to overreact to the problem’
    • ‘While there is no way to fully avoid overreacting, understanding the emotional factor will help keep fear in check.’
    • ‘Like so many emotions, anger is important to respond to but not overreact to!’
    • ‘Others find this more difficult - they may become withdrawn emotionally, or completely overreact to events.’
    • ‘A parent might even reply that the child is being silly, stupid, or overreacting for what they are thinking and feeling.’
    • ‘The court noted that one defense psychiatrist had testified that the plaintiff was overly sensitive and may have overreacted to events on the job.’
    • ‘You are so sensitive about the age difference that you overreact to every action on his part as an actual or potential sign of rejection.’
    • ‘Don't overreact to every bad grade or negative encounter your child has.’
    • ‘Confused and angry, the government overreacted in its response.’
    • ‘Or perhaps it was merely his imagination overreacting: he was feeling thoroughly exhausted.’
    • ‘The political culture may be overreacting, but it's overreacting to something.’
    • ‘We had a huge argument over something, and I overreacted, causing him to overreact.’
    • ‘But I am not exaggerating things, and I am not overreacting to her.’
    • ‘The emotions are so overwhelming that you tend to overreact.’
    • ‘The inferences made by the psychologists in your report suggest she is insecure or unsure of herself which is why she overreacts so much.’
    • ‘If you haven't noticed, Heather overreacts, a lot.’
    • ‘He overreacts, jumps up, screams and heads for the door.’
    • ‘His weakness is that he sometimes overreacts to public criticism.’
    • ‘That said anyone who has been investing for a little while knows that the market often overreacts to bad news and this can provide good opportunities.’
    • ‘Before deciding how to meet this threat, check the soundness of your grapevine to make sure you're not overreacting to rumors.’
    • ‘But that fact didn't prevent people from overreacting to the hype - even within our own company.’
    get upset over nothing, react disproportionately, get overexcited, go too far, act irrationally, lose one's sense of proportion, exaggerate, make something out of nothing, make a mountain out of a molehill, blow something up out of all proportion
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/ˌōvə(r)rēˈakt/ /ˌoʊvə(r)riˈækt/