Definition of overspin in English:



  • A rotating motion given to a ball when throwing or hitting it, used to give it extra speed or distance or to make it bounce awkwardly.

    ‘The problem was that he hit the ball like a slap shot in hockey, putting such overspin that the bottom of the ball dropped out quickly.’
    • ‘They bounce and run like they're loaded with overspin.’
    • ‘‘The greens were so rough in those days, we both believed you had to hit down so the ball would start on the top of the grass, roll with overspin and keep the line.’’
    • ‘This is generally the result of a better strike with less loft, a lower trajectory and, in most cases, less spin (not overspin, as you say).’
    • ‘Yes, it really looks like overspin is causing all that follow effect, but that's not generally what's happening.’



/ˈōvərˌspin/ /ˈoʊvərˌspɪn/