Definition of overspread in English:


transitive verbpast participle verb overspread

[with object]
  • Cover the surface of; spread over.

    ‘a broad smile overspread his face’
    • ‘Between heaven and earth He separately placed in order men and things, all overspread by the heavens.’
    • ‘Minute fungi overspread the whole exterior, hanging in a fine tangled webwork from the eaves.’
    • ‘A wry grin overspread her lips as she found herself walking towards a small hut.’
    • ‘The wind battered the stable and brought down dead matter from the oak that overspread it.’
    • ‘The sky of the plant was overspread with smoke of the burning tires and furniture.’
    envelop, shroud, swathe, veil, cloak, cloud, submerge, enfold, enwrap, surround, bury



/ˌōvərˈspred/ /ˌoʊvərˈsprɛd/


Old English ofersprǣdan(see over-, spread).