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  • Done or shown openly; plainly or readily apparent, not secret or hidden.

    ‘an overt act of aggression’
    • ‘in untreated cases, overt psychosis may occur’
    • ‘Sometimes a stab is an overt piece of aggression visible for all to see, but there are more subtle ways of achieving the same aims.’
    • ‘We believe that a more rational approach requires the reorganisation or overt restriction of services.’
    • ‘The only exclusion criterion was overt signs of vitamin A deficiency, which was not present in any child.’
    • ‘The question still remained whether treating pressure in overt disease prevents progression.’
    • ‘The submission of the individual to the authority of the group and its representatives is also an overt element.’
    • ‘Prompt treatment within the first 10 days prevents overt coronary damage in most cases.’
    • ‘Surely it can't have been a conspiracy because it was completely open and overt?’
    • ‘Aside from trade sanctions and other non-military acts has been this overt invasion of sovereignty.’
    • ‘Intention is not capable of positive proof, and, accordingly, it is inferred from the overt acts.’
    • ‘Once there is more than one overt act, there is a range of possibilities for sentencing.’
    • ‘It is Archie's first overt act of rebellion against his father, and as such a threshold event in his life.’
    • ‘The End Room was the scene of my most overt act of schoolday rebellion, when I threw a chair at the teacher.’
    • ‘When people are fearful they look to any overt power to act for them but we must remember that we can act for ourselves.’
    • ‘It's not an act of overt hostility like copy-control, but it's still a bit of a con.’
    • ‘Any overt public criticism or disparaging remarks can result in a loss of face and cause extreme embarrassment.’
    • ‘These stories rarely take the form of something blatantly heinous like overt racism.’
    • ‘In fact, politicians hide their inadequacies behind the interviewer's overt aggression.’
    • ‘There was no overt political message because there was no apparent legal validation.’
    • ‘Clinical examination of the wisdom teeth and the x-ray did not show any overt pathology.’
    • ‘That he avoided overt references to modernity was something the public, shy of change, appreciated.’
    undisguised, unconcealed, plain to see, plainly seen, plain, clear, apparent, conspicuous, unmistakable, obvious, noticeable, observable, visible, manifest, patent, open, public, above board
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/ōˈvərt/ /oʊˈvərt/ /ˈōvərt/ /ˈoʊvərt/


Middle English from Old French, past participle of ovrir ‘to open’, from Latin aperire.