Definition of oviductal in English:


Pronunciation /ˌōvəˈdəktəl/


Anatomy Zoology

See oviduct

‘The researchers are focusing on differences in gene expression within cells in a special site inside the hen's reproductive tract, called the oviductal sperm-storage tubules (SSTs).’
  • ‘Several studies have shown that mammalian embryos, exposed in vivo to hyperosmotic oviductal fluids, grow better in vitro in hyperosmotic media when provided organic osmolytes.’
  • ‘Thus, it is puzzling that Great Tits had about twice as much oviductal sperm.’
  • ‘Further, no emigrating females had oviductal eggs, suggesting total reproductive failure during that year.’
  • ‘Furthermore, estrogen was found to inhibit PAI1 protein synthesis in oviductal cells.’