Definition of oxyanion in English:



  • An anion containing one or more oxygen atoms bonded to another element (as in the sulfate and carbonate ions).

    ‘Under conditions of high pH, anions and oxyanions (such as those of Te, Se, Mo, U, As, P and B) are more mobile and most cations (such as those of Cu, Pb, Hg and Cd) are less mobile, while at low pH the reverse is generally true.’
    • ‘What is more, the indicator has two proton-binding sites: the oxyanion of the xanthene ring and the carboxylate of the benzene as independent sites, which can also exchange protons among themselves.’
    • ‘To take into account the effect of a second water between Asp 83 and Asp 85, we protonated Asp 83, which is therefore able to provide a proton for the stabilization of the oxyanion produced during hydrolysis.’
    • ‘They ‘propose that water ligands bound to Mg2 + interact with the developing oxyanion intermediate, thereby stabilizing the transition state.’’



/ˌäksēˈanˌīən/ /ˌɑksiˈænˌaɪən/