Definition of oxyhemoglobin in English:



  • A bright red substance formed by the combination of hemoglobin with oxygen, present in oxygenated blood.

    ‘Fortunately it combines with the haemoglobin to form oxyhaemoglobin, thus maintaining a steep concentration gradient.’
    • ‘As oxyhemoglobin circulates to deoxygenated tissue, oxygen is incrementally unloaded and the affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen is reduced.’
    • ‘This process occurs when oxygen atoms bond to an iron atom at the center of a complex protein molecule known as oxyhemoglobin.’
    • ‘Oxygen from the lungs combines with iron and is necessary for the creation of oxyhaemoglobin or oxygenated erythrocytes.’
    • ‘At the very least, oxyhaemoglobin saturation should be documented before and intermittently during oxygen therapy.’



/ˌäksēˌhēməˈɡlōbən/ /ˌɑksiˌhiməˈɡloʊbən/ /ˌäksēˈhēməˌɡlōbən/ /ˌɑksiˈhiməˌɡloʊbən/