Definition of oxyntic in English:



  • Of or denoting the secretory cells which produce hydrochloric acid in the main part of the stomach, or the glands which they compose.

    ‘Frequency of pancreatic acinar cells in oxyntic mucosa has not been investigated in adult patients.’
    • ‘Based on the current observations, pancreatic acinar metaplasia can be regarded as a marker for autoimmune gastritis when found in the gastric oxyntic mucosa of adult patients.’
    • ‘In our study, the histologic type of the inlet patch included oxyntic mucosa and cardiac mucosa, with oxyntic mucosa being the most common type.’
    • ‘In the inlet patch, oxyntic mucosa was the most common histologic type, followed by cardiac mucosa.’
    • ‘Thick sections should be avoided to prevent the oxyntic mucosa from becoming darker than desired.’



/äkˈsin(t)ik/ /ɑkˈsɪn(t)ɪk/


Late 19th century from Greek oxunteos (verbal noun from oxunein ‘sharpen’) + -ic.