Definition of ozonize in English:


transitive verb

(also British ozonise)
[with object]
  • 1Convert (oxygen) into ozone.

    ‘when oxygen is ozonized there is a contraction in volume’
    • ‘various ingenious methods have been employed for proving its formula by using ozonized oxygen’
    • ‘The electrical apparatus acts to ozonize (create ozone in) the air as well as to electrostatically precipitate dust.’
    • ‘The present invention relates to an ozone generator used for an ozonizer and more particularly to an ozone generator that ozonizes oxygen in a space to which oxygen is introduced using silent discharge by high-frequency high voltage.’
    1. 1.1Enrich or treat with ozone.
      ‘ozonizing the air significantly reduced decay’
      • ‘ozonized air’
      • ‘The ozonized gas and the fluid emerging from the radiation chamber are then combined to a separate collector vessel.’
      • ‘Experimental results showed that the ozonizing process had an excellent de-color efficiency and could improve the biodegradability of wastewater.’



/ˈōˌzōˌnīz/ /ˈoʊˌzoʊˌnaɪz/