Definition of pace notes in English:

pace notes

plural noun

  • (in rally driving) notes made before a rally by a competitor about the characteristics of a particular course, especially with regard to advisable speeds for each section.

    ‘Instead of drivers making two practice passes over the speed tests before the rally start to prepare their pace notes, they will only make one.’
    • ‘He completed the final test, satisfied to have gained crucial experience of the most specialised rally in the championship and to have improved his pace notes for future years.’
    • ‘Having competed here twice before, we have some good pace notes,’ he commented.’
    • ‘Despite never having rallied or followed pace notes, Williams clocked a respectable 3.35 minutes for first stage, but broke down on the second.’
    • ‘But I know from our pace notes if there's a corner coming, and I just have to concentrate and make sure I know which way the corner's going.’


pace notes

/ˈpāˌsē/ /ˈpeɪˌsi/ /ˈpäˌCHā nōts/ /ˈpɑˌtʃeɪ noʊts/