Definition of pachuco in English:


nounplural noun pachucos

dated mainly US
  • A juvenile gang member of Mexican American ethnic origin.

    ‘In the 1988 piece, Border Brujo, Gomez-Pena's character, the Border Brujo, assumes many successive personae, including those of a pachuco, a mass-media broadcaster, a bandito, and an American Indian.’
    • ‘Intensifying this sense of alienation, Border Brujo assumes the persona of a pachuco or cholo.’
    • ‘Edward James Olmos, received critical acclaim for his portrayal of the pachuco in the stage and film version of Luis Valdez's Zoot Suit and for his role as Jaime Escalante in the film Stand and Deliver.’
    • ‘The term cholo refers specifically to a member of a social group that is a contemporary extension of the pachuco.’
    • ‘The track ‘Latino Lingo,’ from their album Los Grandes Exitos en Espanol, exhibits the group's considerable code-switching skills as self-proclaimed ‘biolinguals’ based on their deft usage of pachuco Spanish.’



/pəˈCHo͞okō/ /pəˈtʃukoʊ/


Mexican Spanish, literally ‘flashily dressed’.