Definition of pachycephalosaur in English:



  • A bipedal herbivorous dinosaur of the late Cretaceous period, with a thick domed skull.

    Infraorder Pachycephalosauria, order Ornithischia: several genera, including Pachycephalosaurus

    ‘An alternate view, that ceratopsians and pachycephalosaurs diverged from ornithopod dinosaurs in the Late Jurassic, is more consistent with the preserved biostratigraphic evidence.’
    • ‘The domed skulls of pachycephalosaurs may likewise have been vibrantly colored to indicate sexual maturity, attract a mate, or warn an adversary.’
    • ‘Marginocephalia consists mainly of the pachycephalosaurs (bone-heads) and the ceratopsians (horned dinosaurs), like Triceratops.’
    • ‘More recently, paleontologists have suggested that other dinosaurs, notably the dome-headed pachycephalosaurs, also used their cranial appendages defensively.’
    • ‘The already diverse and abundant record of dinosaur skeletal fossils was increased by the discovery in 1999 of the first evidence of pachycephalosaurs from this region.’



/ˌpakēˈsefələˌsôr/ /ˌpækiˈsɛfələˌsɔr/


From Greek pakhus ‘thick’ + kephalē ‘head’ + sauros ‘lizard’.