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  • A very large mammal with thick skin, especially an elephant, rhinoceros, or hippopotamus.

    ‘Apart from sheltering smaller wildlife like rabbits, gaur and jackal, a part of the estate forms an elephant trail which pachyderms from the Bannerghatta range frequent.’
    • ‘The station then lay well within the domain of the pachyderms i.e., the elephant corridor while migrating from one end of the Western Ghats to the other.’
    • ‘Conflicts between farmers and elephants have long been widespread in Africa, where pachyderms nightly destroy crops, raid grain houses, and sometimes kill people.’
    • ‘Anne Savage, the park's senior conservation biologist, says understanding how pachyderms use vocalizations to communicate will help people better manage them in the wild and in captivity.’
    • ‘All three pachyderms sized up their mirror images by inspecting behind the mirror, rubbing their trunks the length of the mirror, or probing their mouths with their trunks to see if their reflections did the same.’
    • ‘In Africa and Asia, elephant attacks appear to be becoming more common as human development pushes the pachyderms into ever smaller and more fragmented living spaces.’
    • ‘So far the red peppers appear to be an easy, cost-effective means of warding off pachyderms without harming them, Osborn says.’
    • ‘This is the first instance where a FDB (frozen dead bird) has been used in our labs for testing purposes, and, in the future, we hope to expand our procedures to include rodents, and pachyderms.’
    • ‘The duo, involved in rescue and rehabilitation of a number of elephants, gave a presentation on nature of elephants and said that the pachyderms are only reactive and never proactive when it comes to man-animal conflict.’
    • ‘Likewise one of the elephant parks should be on the agenda - pachyderms being a fairly rare sight in the Highlands of Scotland.’
    • ‘His love for pachyderms developed further when he undertook study on man - elephant conflict.’
    • ‘The Government also asked private owners of four elephants in the city to send their pachyderms to the camp.’
    • ‘Photographs of the pachyderms, their habitat, camp management, day-to-day activities, aspects of reproduction, disease, resistance and man-animal conflicts were exhibited at the gallery.’
    • ‘The Centre has hurriedly taken the much-awaited decision of implementation of the project in Tripura in tune with the State's considerable increase of green cover, which would help the pachyderms to find their required habitat.’
    • ‘Paddling this coast, you're always looking at the rocks: the crevices, the soaring heights, the color and texture, and the shapes - some like pachyderms, others angular and severe.’
    • ‘The African elephant, I learned recently, requires four hundred fifty pounds of forage and fifty gallons of water every day, but the colossus of culture is far larger than the largest ever herd of these pachyderms.’
    • ‘Guests at the launch were told that the return of elephants to South Africa's eastern shores would be the first step towards reinstating an ancient migration route for a sub-group of Maputaland pachyderms.’
    • ‘In that short statement, Took came to better understand the very genuine affection and high regard Thai people held for these giant pachyderms whose ancestors had played no small part in helping build the Kingdom.’
    • ‘These pachyderms, originally kept at the Kozhikamudhi working campsite are used for entertaining tourists, conducting elephant safari and for removing fallen trees or for shifting logs.’
    • ‘We went to a performance where trained pachyderms put on an amazing demonstration of skill and talent, walking tightropes, dunking basketballs with their trunks and standing on their heads.’



/ˈpakəˌdərm/ /ˈpækəˌdərm/


Mid 19th century from French pachyderme, from Greek pakhudermos, from pakhus ‘thick’ + derma ‘skin’.