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pack ice

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  • An expanse of large pieces of floating ice driven together into a nearly continuous mass, as occurs in polar seas.

    ‘By contrast with pack ice, ice floes in the Chukchi Sea flaw zone move independently.’
    • ‘In two years, observed densities on pack ice were much greater than those on fast ice; in the other two years, the densities on pack ice and fast ice were similar.’
    • ‘There are two kinds of sea ice in Antarctica: fast ice and pack ice.’
    • ‘Ice researchers have long found it more feasible to investigate distant polar pack ice than the moving ice floes closer to research support facilities such as the Naval Arctic Research Laboratory and the community of Barrow.’
    • ‘Clearly, most information on ivory gulls came from observations made when gulls were either in migration or feeding away from nesting colonies, near pack ice or the floe edge, but we did record information on one colony.’
    • ‘Such measurements are of significant value now as global warming appears to be causing the retreat of the permanent pack ice - up to 100 miles in recent years - and thinning in the summer to as little as six feet.’
    • ‘The problem of refreezing pack ice was alleviated overnight when a large blizzard driven by 65 knot winds came through and cleared not only the ice in the harbour, but the surrounding survey area as well.’
    • ‘After we finished the sled tow, we slalomed our way around the central Bransfield Basin dodging icebergs, bergy bits, brash ice and some healthy pack ice.’
    • ‘This study demonstrates that bowhead whales are capable of navigating through the heavy pack ice in central Baffin Bay.’
    • ‘Both of the icebergs are large enough to have upset the currents and winds of the Ross Sea, disrupting the movement of pack ice and the formation of fast ice, according to the U.S. National Ice Center.’
    • ‘But most arctic sea ice consists of pack ice, broken sheets moved by wind and ocean currents.’
    • ‘The ship moved through the pack ice, elbowing floes out of the way as if they were unwanted thoughts.’
    • ‘He was also part of the 1997 South Aris expedition to trace the famous Shackleton / Crean adventure across the Southern Ocean after Shackleton's ship became trapped in pack ice in 1915.’
    • ‘As their Latin name, Ursus maritimus, indicates, polar bears are true seafarers: they spend most of their lives aboard ships of shifting pack ice, patrolling for stowaway seals.’
    • ‘When they were in sight of the frozen continent, however, the Endurance became caught in floating pack ice and was ground to pieces.’
    • ‘In a series of now famous images, expedition photographer Frank Hurley captured the sinking of Endurancein 1915 as pack ice crushed the hull to bits.’
    • ‘The presence of ice on the continents and pack ice on the oceans would inhibit both silicate weathering and photosynthesis, which are the two major sinks for CO 2 at present.’
    • ‘The mobility of ice in the Chukchi flaw zone differs nearly as much from that of polar pack ice farther offshore as it does from the shorefast ice that forms the zone's variable landward boundary.’
    • ‘‘I was worried by the pack ice the boat was plowing through as we left the harbor,’ explained Pitcher.’
    • ‘As they enter the dense pack ice, their heads start sprouting up through the shattered ice like giant black-and-white tulips.’


pack ice

/ˈpak ˌīs/ /ˈpæk ˌaɪs/