Definition of packed in English:


Pronunciation /pakt/ /pækt/

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‘After leaving the witness box of the packed courtroom, he again removed his glasses and was seen to wipe away tears.’
  • ‘Everyone has seen on television a packed football ground with 50,000 spectators crammed together.’
  • ‘They had another packed schedule planned for Tuesday.’
  • ‘I picked up all my packed bags and went to the kitchen where my parents were waiting for me.’
  • ‘The once bush clad hills overlooking the little beach are now covered with closely packed houses.’


  • (of a room, building, or other place) filled by a large number of people; very crowded.

    ‘they spoke to a packed auditorium at the Baltimore Museum’
    • ‘the waiting room was packed’
    crowded, full, filled, filled to capacity, thronged, mobbed, loaded, crammed, jammed, solid, packed like sardines, overcrowded, overfull, overloaded, brimful, alive, teeming, seething, swarming
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