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packed lunch

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  • A bag lunch.

    ‘don't forget to bring a packed lunch’
    • ‘And children eating school dinners tended to eat more fruit and vegetables while those eating packed lunches ate more snacks and desserts.’
    • ‘A survey by the Government's Food Standards Agency has revealed that nine out of 10 primary school pupils who bring packed lunches are eating a diet dangerously high in fats, sugar and salt.’
    • ‘Scotland on Sunday can also reveal that ministers are considering plans to ban junk food in packed lunches, and calling for parents to be instructed on what food to give their children to eat at lunchtimes in school.’
    • ‘Simple canteen facilities will be provided but students are advised to bring their own packed lunches or snacks.’
    • ‘After this, there is a lunch break and a packed lunch is optional.’
    • ‘Another aspect of the programme includes tips on healthy eating through food tasting and cookery lessons including making healthy pizzas, smoothies and packed lunches.’
    • ‘In the past, the savoury choice in packed lunches has been confined to bread, with sliced white being the norm.’
    • ‘The club runs from 7.30 am to 6pm and children will be given breakfast and afternoon tea but must bring a packed lunch.’
    • ‘It means headteachers have been forced to decide whether to employ a new contractor, take over the provision of hot meals themselves or serve sandwiches to children entitled to free school meals while the others bring packed lunches.’
    • ‘It also claimed the school was being hit financially because too many youngsters were bringing packed lunches and not enough takings were being made from school dinners.’
    • ‘The majority who bring their own packed lunches more often than not will never set foot in a restaurant, shop or even bar and go home not having put their hands in their pockets to spend anything!’
    • ‘School packed lunches are getting less healthy, with three out of four failing to meet basic nutritional standards, according to a survey published today.’
    • ‘He was concerned that if meals were limited to just healthy options some children would refuse to eat them and instead would bring in unhealthy packed lunches.’
    • ‘Parents were today rebelling against a school head's plans to deter children from bringing home-made packed lunches.’
    • ‘The school has now turned its thoughts to ensuring pupils' packed lunches are equally healthy.’
    • ‘There is no booking but youngsters need signed parental permission before sessions and should bring a packed lunch and suitable footwear.’
    • ‘You will need to wear sturdy footwear, preferably boots, old warm clothes including waterproofs, and bring a packed lunch.’
    • ‘Volunteers should bring a packed lunch for the day and musical instruments and a song for the evening.’
    • ‘By bringing packed lunches to work, cutting back on unnecessary luxuries (such as take-away meals), I attempted to slash my everyday expenses to zero.’
    • ‘A stop will be made in Ennis for lunch but travellers can, if they so wish, bring their own packed lunches.’


packed lunch

/ˌpakt ˈlənCH/ /ˌpækt ˈləntʃ/