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  • A person or machine that packs something, especially someone who prepares and packs food for transportation and sale.

    ‘a meat packer’
    • ‘Each year, however, they issue farmers and food packers with lengthy specifications for each of the fresh fruit and vegetables they want supplied.’
    • ‘From tomorrow Brazil will only permit commercial shipment of live chickens from meat packers registered with the federal government and monitored by satellite.’
    • ‘All participating farmers, packers, and distributors must disclose chemicals used throughout the shipping and marketing process.’
    • ‘Three packers control and pack more than 80 percent of all beef in the United States.’
    • ‘Among the six women employed in wage jobs who were not working as domestic servants there was a cleaner, a clerk, a salesperson, a packer, a tea person, and a gardener.’
    • ‘The entire facility will be filled with toys, gifts and gadgets, and will employ an additional 250 packers and shelf-stackers to cope with demand over the festive season.’
    • ‘All parachute packers were informed that they would be ordered occasionally to jump from a plane to test their own work.’
    • ‘One morning in November, for instance, one belt was moving meat too quickly for packers to keep up.’
    • ‘A splash of light illuminates fecal contamination too small to be detected by eye on a beef carcass as it moves down the production line, immediately alerting the meat packer to a potential problem.’
    • ‘On the other hand, his reputation as a ‘labour man’ is also unfounded: although he was a meat packer for seven years, he was never active in the union movement as a politician.’
    • ‘These new rules require food manufacturers, processors, packers and shippers alike to keep records of where they receive food from and where they ship it to.’
    • ‘All large packers were required to report prices paid for livestock, any movement of livestock and all meat to be exported.’
    • ‘Many of the co-op's large swine producers have production contracts with large packers.’
    • ‘Producers not linked to packers through contracts find it difficult to sell their hogs.’
    • ‘Pack trains of any size worked out of a base where cargoes could easily be procured, fresh animals purchased and packers hired.’
    • ‘But the bulk of new jobs will be pickers and packers at the website's warehouse in Osbaldwick Link Road, plus a website editor, and administration and call centre staff.’
    • ‘And the company also patented a plastic holder in which to place the glue-dot container which enabled the packers to almost double the speed at which they could apply the product.’
    • ‘It's a spider, that's their natural habitat and I'm sure packers and growers all try to prevent spiders from being incorporated into their food product.’
    • ‘Flower packers bunched roses in bundles of 20 and wrapped the stem portion in newspaper sheets and the bud portion with tissue paper.’
    • ‘Most importantly, he is also a very competent member of a trawler's crew, capable of gutting the fish fast enough to keep the packers happy.’



/ˈpakər/ /ˈpækər/