Definition of packet network in English:

packet network

Pronunciation /ˈpakət ˈnetˌwərk/ /ˈpækət ˈnɛtˌwərk/


  • A data transmission network using packet switching.

    ‘The service node stores status information, including location and registration information, for mobile computing devices connected to the data packet network.’
    • ‘The streamlined packet network enabled by service edge routers can support today's services and provide scalable solutions to deliver profitable new services.’
    • ‘The priority of the flow of packets representing calls or other connection requests within a packet network is determined from the Class-of-Service of the call.’
    • ‘When a packet network is involved, a delay is involved to divide a signal into multiple packets for transportation across the network.’
    • ‘Since the Ethernet system is a local network, a special device called a gateway was developed to allow local Ethernet networks to speak to other Ethernet networks or packet networks of other types.’