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transitive verb

(also British packetise)
[with object]Computing
  • Partition or separate (data) into units for transmission in a packet-switching network.

    ‘this layer packetizes and reassembles messages’
    • ‘The IP subsystem, which packetizes the compressed voice data, also contributes delay in a gateway.’
    • ‘When an application issues a request for a file, the file server assembles related blocks and packetizes the resulting file for LAN transmission.’
    • ‘We will exploit known technologies such as optical communications, Internet protocol networks, and packetized data switching in new ways to vastly improve our information-dissemination capabilities.’
    • ‘The library takes care of all low-level tasks: packetizing the information into named packets, compression, encryption, sending, receiving, buffer congestion and flow control.’
    • ‘However, if voice traffic were to be packetized, it would almost surely be compressed, and then its volume would already be less than that of Internet traffic (at least in the U.S.).’



/ˈpakəˌtīz/ /ˈpækəˌtaɪz/