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packing case

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(also packing box)
  • A large strong box, typically a wooden one, in which goods are packed for transportation or storage.

    ‘As a result, like spruce, fir wood too is used for making shingles, ceiling planks, cheap wall paneling, packing cases, tea chests, match sticks and boxes.’
    • ‘These chests were often contained within their own wooden packing cases and were conveniently split into two sections of equal size so as to form a balanced mule load.’
    • ‘It took him several months to complete his work and when it was finished the statue was packed in 214 packing cases and sent on its way to America.’
    • ‘Immediately forward and aft of this are stacked panes of glass, surviving remarkably well without the original wooden packing cases.’
    • ‘Porters stagger towards the First Class under a mountain of smart packing cases and trunks.’
    • ‘The packing cases alone justified the trip, being strong, well-designed, and about half the price of an inferior product in our local stores.’
    • ‘The material was still in old tea-chests and packing cases.’
    • ‘Everything was in packing cases, except those things which were too big.’
    • ‘A co-worker of mine who relocated here from the UK a couple of years ago has been selling off a few bits and pieces that never made it out of the packing cases, due to duplication in his modern and tasteful accommodation here.’
    • ‘The plane arrived on his doorstep in two huge packing cases full of aluminium tubes and nylon sheets: ‘The main problem was identifying the pieces.’’
    • ‘Rather you get straight to the task of familiarising yourself with the invariably chaotic layout of the new premises and attempt to locate your favourite cache of books amidst the packing cases.’
    • ‘Pieces of packing cases were used for unemployed men with artistic skills to decorate with coats of arms to form the magnificent friezes.’
    • ‘Many of Flinders Petrie's discoveries remain in packing cases.’
    • ‘When it was completed it was sent across the Atlantic in 214 packing cases.’
    • ‘Surrounded by packing cases and making himself endless cups of tea, he reflects wryly on his life and work.’
    • ‘While most of the ship's property and cargo sank without a trace, a life-size earthenware peacock, called the Minton Loch Ard Peacock, was washed ashore safe in its packing case.’
    • ‘Later jailed, he escaped by ordering a piano, which he then sent back, having first concealed himself inside the packing case.’
    • ‘The lumber of the Vibhitaka is used for a variety of purposes, from house building and boat building, to packing cases and agricultural implements.’
    • ‘The wall hangings are made from recycled cardboard packing cases which have been stitched together and overlaid with natural pigments and glazes.’
    • ‘Huts, most made from large packing cases, were dotted at strategic intervals, and always near sea level.’
    case, packing case, chest, coffer, trunk, box, casket, strongbox, basket, hamper, pack, bin, drum, container, receptacle


packing case

/ˈpakiNG ˌkās/ /ˈpækɪŋ ˌkeɪs/